2020 KU Teaching Summit: Teaching in a Transformed World

Faculty and instructional staff are invited to participate in an online version of the annual KU Teaching Summit on Thursday, August 20. The theme of this year’s conference is Teaching in a Transformed World. All sessions will be virtual.

The Summit keynote and two interactive follow-up sessions, all synchronous, will be from 9 a.m. to noon via Zoom. In their keynote, “Dismantling Educational Inequities Through Teaching,” Professors Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy of the University of North Carolina will share teaching and course design principles that can create more equitable learning experiences and improve learning for all students. Hogan and Sathy will provide a framework for designing courses, share research on the framework, and discuss how these ideas can be applied in online and in-person teaching.

In a follow-up session, “Practical Strategies for Inclusive Teaching,” Hogan and Sathy will lead participants through active learning exercises and case studies that further explore inclusive techniques. Drawing upon their own experiences and research, they will model approaches that can be readily implemented with any discipline, class size or instructional context to help all students achieve their potential.

The synchronous sessions will be recorded for those who cannot join us on August 20. Contact Judy Eddy for details.

In lieu of small-group breakouts, podcasts have been created for the 2020 Teaching Summit. Podcasts feature faculty members from the Lawrence, Edwards, and Medical Center campuses.

2020 KU Teaching Summit Podcasts


Teaching in These Uncertain Times  (Audio File)

Sam Brody, Religious Studies; Jennifer Ng, Diversity & Equity/Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; and Kim Warren, History; Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies; and Social Welfare



Authentic Assignments (Audio File)

Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Psychology/CTE; Carol Holstead, Journalism & Mass Communications; and Meagan Patterson, Educational Psychology



Group Work: In Person and Online  (Audio File)

Carl Luchies, Mechanical Engineering; Susan Marshall, Psychology; and Emma Scioli, Classics

Click here for the Group Work Podcast Handout.



Multiple Challenges, Multiple Formats: Ways for Instructors of In-person and Hybrid Courses to Engage Students All Semester  (Audio File)

Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Psychology/CTE; Amy Leyerzapf, Leadership Studies; and Doug Ward, Journalism & Mass Communications/CTE



Understanding and Appreciating Difference (Audio File)

Jody Brook, Social Welfare; Ward Lyles, Public Affairs & Administration; and Hannah Oliha-Donaldson, Communication Studies



The MacGyver Report: Hands-on Teaching Online (Audio File)

Shannon Criss, Architecture; Jennifer Delgado, Physics & Astronomy; Laura Kirk, Theatre & Dance; and Mark Mort, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology



Experiential Learning for Professional School Students (Audio File)

Terri Cusick, Surgery; Pete DiPasco, Surgery; Jen Fink, General & Geriatric Medicine; Yunxia Wang, Neurology; and Laurel Witt, Family Medicine



Creative Engagement for Flexible and Online Teaching (Audio File)

Lauri Hermann-Ginsberg, Curriculum & Teaching; Megan Greene, History; and Sean Seyer, Humanities



Navigating the New Student Dashboard (Audio File)

Corinne Bannon, Analytics & Institutional Research; Caroline Bennett, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering; Joshua Potter, CTE, and Doug Ward, Journalism & Mass Communications/CTE



Adapting a Case-Based Curriculum to Pandemic Conditions (Audio File)

Gary Doolittle, Foundational Science; Joseph Fontes, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; and Melissa Quearry, Medical Educations/CTE

Click here for Case-Based Curriculum Podcast Handout.



Alternatives to Final Exams (Audio File)

Molly McVey, School of Engineering; Drew Vartia, Chemistry; and Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Psychology/CTE



From Treading Water to Thriving in an Uncertain Environment (Audio File)

Jody Brook, Social Welfare; Sarah Kirk, Psychology; and Kim Warren, History; Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies; and Social Welfare

Click here for additional handouts (PDFs) on building resilience, Covid-19 coping elements, what to do and say, and a resource guide, a self-care checklist, and tips for managing stress.




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