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How to respond to students who request course adaptations

As of Fall 2021, instructors and departments are not required to provide course adaptations because of Covid-19. The Office of Student Affairs recommends that students work with their academic advisors, International Support Services or the Student Access Center if they need online courses or other accommodations.

Keep in mind, though, that some students may need a temporary course adaptation because of Covid-19. If so, work with them just as you would any extended illness or absence.  


please respond promptly. Assure them you are here to help them succeed in the course while they are remote, and share with them the ways you will adapt the course and facilitate engagement. Here is a framework you can use, based on a helpful message one of your colleagues sent to a student.

Dear -----,
Thank you for writing.
[Assure them they can continue in the class remotely] 
Absolutely you can choose to take this class remotely. 

[Give them a sense of how it will work] 
I confirmed that our classroom has an excellent camera for capturing the lectures, and I can simply share my slide show with you via Zoom. Also, lecture notes will be posted on Blackboard in advance of the lectures. Syllabus, lecture notes, and this week's readings are already posted--as well as a scan of the intro and first chapter if you do not yet have the textbook.
[Where are materials and due dates]
All readings will be posted on weekly announcements as well as pdf links of primary source material. The date given is the date by which the readings should be completed. Download the Blackboard app on your phone or other device, as we will have reading quizzes (multiple choice and easy) at the beginning of some classes. 
[Example of how to attend class sessions, either live or asynchronously]
Ideally try to attend class at the scheduled 9:00 time so you can ask questions 'live' etc. If this is not possible I can record the lectures. But I really think 'live' is the most effective way to attend this class.
Let me know if you have any questions!

The Student Access Center at KU 



"The Student Access Center coordinates academic accommodations and services for all eligible KU students with disabilities. If you have a disability for which you wish to request accommodations and have not contacted SAC, please do so as soon as possible. They are located in 22 Strong Hall and can be reached at 785-864-4064 (V/TTY). Information about their services can be found at access.ku.edu. Please contact me privately in regard to your needs in this course."