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Flexible Teaching with GTAs and TAs

Guidance for Instructors Who are Working with Teaching Assistants

The role of your graduate or undergraduate Teaching Assistants in your course may change in online and hybrid course contexts. As with your students, it will be important for you to set clear expectations and communicate regularly with your TAs. 

Resources for TAs. Make sure that your TAs know about the resources available to assist them in this process, including:

Regular Communication. Consider scheduling a weekly organizational meeting via Zoom with your TAs.

Technology Needs. Be sure that your TAs have the technology and materials that they need to do their work remotely. For help with technology access and technical difficulties, ask them to contact the IT Customer Support Center at 785-864-8080 or itcsc@ku.edu

Zoom Access for Graduate and Undergraduate TAs. All GTAs should have a Pro License provisioned to them, when they login to Zoom at http://kansas.zoom.us (Sign In with KU Online ID).  Under the Pro accounts, GTAs can create their own meeting rooms with no restrictions on meeting duration (students are limited to 40 minutes).  They can also utilize Cloud Recording.  .If a GTA sees that their status is "Basic" instead of "Licensed," please have them contact IT's Media Production Studio, at itmps@ku.edu

If you have undergraduate TAs who will need to host Zoom meetings for longer than 40 minutes and/or utilize Cloud Recording, please contact IT's Media Production Studio, at itmps@ku.edu